Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Change of mind

So today we had a meeting with my boss. Well really we have had meetings all week about Africa. We have been debating about whether or not we should go. I have had my heart set on going (as you can tell from my last post), but yet I can see the reason behind not going. I would have been ok with not going, but yet I would have been WAY excited to go. After talking and talking and talking about it, my boss decided that we should go! So come December I will be in Africa. I will miss Christmas (but I am use to that from the mission), but yet what a great way to spend Christmas...helping those in need. I don't know the dates yet, but I will let you know as soon as I find out. So to my little Kasekende....I can't wait to see ya.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Kasekende cute is that?

So many of you know that I went to Africa this summer. It was a great experience. While I was there I fell in love with a little African boy. Here is the back ground information on him. His name is Kasekende and he is about 4 years old (no one knows for sure). One day the director of the school was walking past the dumpsters and he found Kasekende inside. Kasekende was very sick and basically on death's front door, but the director took him in and brought him back to life.

Well Kasekende and I became best friends. He would wait for us to show up in the morning and he became my shadow while we were there. He would hold my hand and walk around the compound with us. He would work when we would work. He was so cute. He just wanted to be around us all the time. We would eat lunch together every day, and when he got tired he would crawl into my lap and fall asleep.

Because he was so little, he didn't speak much English (or so I thought). So I would talk to him while we walked around and never really expected a response. I was surprised one day to find him singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to himself. That became one of our favorite things to do together. He would often start mumbling in his native language and then throw in some English words. Finally, one of the teachers came up and said "do you know what he is saying". "No, I don't have any idea", was my response. "He keeps calling you his mom and when the other children try and get close to you he tells them to leave you alone. Because you are his". It about melted my heart.

I found that Kasekende was really becoming attached. It got to the point that when we would leave at night to return to our hotel room that he would bawl. He finally would calm down and the next morning he would be waiting for us to come back. As soon as he saw the van pull up he would run over to it. The crazy thought popped into my head that I should just adopt him. That way I never had to leave him. But lets be honest...what good would I be to him (hello...single parent).I love that kid so much. And I miss him like crazy. The only thing keeping me sane was the thought of seeing him again in December. I just found out from the boss man that he didn't think we would be able to go in December. Now I am missing him even more. So to my little son, just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

About me

Ok, so this is my first post and I don't know what the heck I am doing. I guess I will say a little bit about me. I graduated from Utah State in May with my degree in Exercise Science. I loved school but all I can say is thank goodness I am done.

I still try and live the college life. I worked at USU during my schooling, and got hired on full time once I graduated. I love my job. I work for the Substitute Teaching Institute (dealing with ...hello...substitutes...). We work with school districts through out the United States and England). I also work with the International Office for Water and Science Education (dealing with water education internationally). Basically work paid for me to go to Africa and I had the time of my life.

Besides working, I'm just trying to enjoy the single life. Hopefully I'll be able to update this a lot. I don't know how exciting it will be, but hopefully y'all like it. And if it isn't too much trouble, I might go back in time and add some Europe, Africa and California pictures. If you haven't noticed, I love to travel.