Sunday, March 20, 2011


I know I am a sister reminds me that I haven't posted in a while. So sorry about that :)

Growing up in Kansas I grew up a KU fan. I lived and breathed KU basketball. In fact, to this day I always pick the Jayhawks to win the tournament each year. I love college basketball, but I LOVE KU basketball. The real question is, how did I grow up in Kansas and NEVER make it a KU game? If I was to make a bucket list, going to a home KU game would be on there. There is something about hearing the crowd do their Rock Chalk chant that sends chills through your body.

Well my friend Missy heard of my desire to go to a KU game and made it happen. Her fiancee's parents live in Liberal Kansas and are big K-State fans. So she called them up and was able to get us tickets to the KU/K-State game. Now it wasn't a home KU game, but it was just as good. We went out to visit Josh's parents and was able to go to the game as well. it was a fun weekend. I wore a K-State shirt (since Josh's parents got the tickets from one of their friends), but I silently cheered for my team. I probably should have cheered for the Wildcats...after all they did win, and win big. But it was all really fun.