Thursday, January 22, 2009


I have always enjoyed reading and found great pleasure in reading for hours on end. In fact growing up my dad didn't like it when I got wrapped up in a book because I literally got wrapped up in the book. Everything around me seemed to stop until I finished the book.

When I finally graduated from college I made a goal that I would read one new book a month. Well that didn't last too long. I read the first one just and the second month I chose to read Les Mis. Well it took me longer than a month to read it and once I finished it I was kinda burned out.

Well it is time to start my goal again. I have joined a book club. Now I've never joined a book club but I'm looking forward to it now. The nice thing about this book club is that we do everything online. I don't think I'm terribly busy at night...but chances are that once I have something "planned" something else comes up. This way when I have time I can comment.

Well if any of you are out there looking for something to do and want to joined...come on over and join us at A Momentary Escape

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bear Lake

Every summer Missy and her family go up to Bear Lake for a week of fun on their boats and jet skis. I was able to go with them this past June and had a blast. Well as you can imagine I jumped at the chance to go with them again over New Years break. But of course we didn't get on the boats and ride around. This time we jumped on the snow mobiles and rode around.
Now this is the first time I have had the opportunity to actually drive a snow mobile. The first time I was on a snow mobile was my freshman year of college and I rode on the back of one. It was fun...but I never imagined how fun driving one on my own would be.
We rode around for a good part of the afternoon and I was so sore. I mean...I work out and everything so I didn't think I would be that sore...but the next morning when I woke up...I was completely sore. Now that I have done it once...I don't think I will be able to go back. I'm officially hooked. You never know...I might get brave enough to do some exploring and not just trail ride.So I want to say thank you to the Jenkins for showing me the ropes and for letting me tag along...once again. You guys are the best!!