Thursday, February 25, 2010

Aggies all the way!

As most of you all know I grew up in Kansas...Wichita to be exact. Although I didn't ever go to a Wichita State basketball game...I was a fan of their baseball team. So image my surprise when I learned that my Aggies were playing the Shockers in the annual bracket buster game. My dad...being the great guy that he is, decided we had to go to the game. He wanted to go and cheer on the Shockers and show his WSU pride. I hadn't been to an Aggie game yet this season and so I jumped at the chance to go.
My dad wore his Shocker baseball shirt and my brother wore a black shirt to show their WSU support...I of course wore my Aggie blue shirt. The game was a blast (even though it started at 10 pm!). I love Aggie basketball and was happy to be able to see another game. Reese and my dad were good sports even though their team lost. Reese only got yelled at once for cheering against the Aggies :) Thanks dad for a great game!