Sunday, January 2, 2011

The New Year

2011! Wow, where did the time go? I feel like we were just celebrating the start of 2010 and all of a sudden it was over. When I was a little girl I would come out to Utah every summer to visit my mom. One summer the trip ended quicker than I wanted and I wasn't exhited about coming home. I was at my grandma's house just crying that I had to leave. My grandma took me by the hand and said, "Lexie, a year isn't that long. Before you know it you'll be back with us again." I looked at here and said, "Grandma, a year is FOREVER!". And you know what? To a little girl a year is FOREVER! But you know what, as I get older I realize my grandma was right, a year really isn't that long. The older I get the quicker the years go by. So enjoy 2011 while you can, because before you know it the year will fly by.