Sunday, January 1, 2012

Quick Update

Well things will finally start to calm down around here. I finished clinicals the week before Christmas and I have been lazy every since. I sleep in (all the way to 6:30) and have time in the morning to workout and study before heading off to work. I am still at Jenco for the holidays. Speaking of holidays...they were wonderful. I spent most of it with family and friends, and is there a better way to spend the holidays??

On a different note, now that I am done with school I should probably find a job. Well good thing I did! I start at Ogden Regional the middle of January. I am excited to get going. I was a little hesitant to work at a hospital and be on call and what not, but I think it was just too good of an opportunity to miss. Even though I will be on call at nights and weekends, I think that I will really enjoy the work. I guess more on that to come :)

Now that I am done with school I will have more time to post updates on here. Also, I now have the 9:00 am church, so there will be plenty of time on Sundays to update. So don't give up on this gal...I will be better and more posts will come.