Sunday, February 26, 2012


Well number 26 on my 30 x 30 list was to do a cross stitch. Before I went on my mission, I did a few cross stitches. Nothing to big and fancy but just little ones. I really enjoyed them, but really haven't had the time to do them since coming home from the mission. I was excited to add this to my 30 x 30 list, but really didn't know how to get started. My little sister encouraged me to find one online that I liked and to purchase it that way. I found this really cute one online and bought it right away.It was only after Katie looked at it, that I realized how hard it was going to be. I figured it wouldn't be too bad, after all most of the characters are one color. But then Katie started to explain how much detail work would be involved in a cross stitch like this. Now I am a little nervous about doing it.

I've had the cross stitch for a while now, but I just didn't know where to begin. This past weekend I went up to Rexburg to visit Katie and she helped me get started. I am proud with how far I have come in a week, but I know that I still have a long way to go before I finish.Yes, so far all I have done is part of Tigger and some of the fence, but I like seeing my progress. I can't wait to work on it some more and get further along. I will continue to post pictures of my progress...just bare with the quality of pictures, most of them come from my phone.