Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fun in the sun

A few weeks ago Tiny came up to me and said that her, her friend Mayra and her sister Missy were going to Hawaii and that I should come with. After looking at the price for the flight ($375 round trip) I told myself I couldn't possibly pass up that great of an opportunity. So that day I booked my flight and about two weeks later we were on our way.We flew into Maui and were able to stay at a great condo for the week. We were just across the street from the beach! We basically played on the beach, snorkeled and ate the whole week long. I am sad to say that I did get fried and so that cut down on some of my beach time. Unfortunately most of our pictures were taken during dinner and as we were walking home (hence all the sun set photos).
It was such a fun trip. Tiny and Mayra were a blast to hang out with. They definitely made the trip a blast. So thanks Tiny for the invite and let's do it again soon.

Monday, June 8, 2009

And I'm Back

I'm sorry I have been gone for so long. Moving to a new place really does take it's toll on you. After fighting with comcast for two weeks we finally got the internet up and running. Now I wil be able to take a few nights and catch up on all the things I've missed. Just to get your excitement up for what is to come...there will be pictures from Hawaii and our great snorkling trip :) So stay tuned for more!