Monday, April 28, 2008

Lessons Learned

Ok so the weather is finally warming up and spring seems to have finally arrived in Logan. I love the warm weather and am excited to enjoy yet another summer in Logan. As the weather warms up and people are emerging from hibernation, it could only mean that one this is upon us...finals and the end of another school year!

Now I know that most of you are thinking...come on Lex, you've don't need to worry about finals. And you are right...but for the past I don't know how many years....I've looked forward to this week. Let's be took me longer to graduate than other people. I graduated high school in 2000 and finally finished my undergraduate in May 2007. Now I did take a year and a half off to go on a mission, but it still felt like I was in college forever. In reality I was only in school fro 4.5 years, so that isn't bad.Was it worth it? Absolutely! There are things I learned while in college that I wouldn't have learned elsewhere. Like who knew that shooting a cupcake from a skeet shooter would destroy the cupcake upon launch? We learned that the hard way...the only way to really launch a cupcake was to throw it.
I learned that everything is better with chocolate and friends. Whether it was having a chocolate fountain party or home made pazookies, if there is chocolate and friends is bound to be a good time.

I've learned that mentos and dry ice really do make a large bang when combined and placed in a 2-liter soda bottle. You might not think that it does, but you will be surprised. And when I say a large bang...I really mean a LARGE bang, so plug your ears.

I learned an important lesson about roommate bonding. Don't ever try and come between three roommates. When placed with the dilema of kicking one of the three out of the apartment, they will go to extreme odds to stay together. That includes trashing the apartment so that the "clean freak" that wants to move in (and kick someone else out in the process) sees the apartment she is forced to change her mind.

Like I said, was it worth it? Absolutely. The student loans needed, the hours of studying, working part time along the way, all nighters to cram for a test, and then being so tired you sleep through class is what college is all about. Where else would I have learned these valuable lessons?

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Becoming a betting individual

Since I was so good at picking the winner of the NCAA tournament I thought I would take my odds to Vegas. I felt like I was on a winning streak so I called into the office and told them that I wasn't going to be in for a couple of days, jumped in the car and 7.5 hours later showed up in Vegas.
Luckily I have a friend who lives right outside of Vegas who was willing to let us crash in her spare room. Here is a shout out to Lisa...thanks for letting Lori and I crash there. It was great. We will definitely have to do it again.

While in Vegas we hit the strip in hopes of using my recently found talent (picking a winning school...there were 1 in 64 chances don't you know) to hopefully get a little money to pay of my student loans.

While on the strip we stopped by the Bellagio Hotel and saw the amazing fountain. I was blown away to watch the streams of water as they shot into the air set to different songs. We probably spent about 30 minutes in front of the hotel watching the different water songs they had going. If you have never been to Vegas...this is definitely worth the drive. I was so amazed at what they were able to do with a fountain of water that I completely forgot to put to use my amazing talent. Maybe I can save that for the next trip.

Taking a moment to gloat

Ok, so I have to admit that I have been a slacker as of late. I haven't taken many photos in the past few months...hence the lack of entries..and basketball has been my life for the past month. I would like to take a moment to add to my glory and say that I did in fact pick KU to win it all. The day of the game I was emailing back and forth with some of my friends and I even picked KU to win by 8. I know they only won by 7...but not to shabby. So here is a shout out to my team.