Saturday, October 24, 2009


The other day my roommates and I had a little roommate bonding. It was a lot of fun. Thursday was Sarah's birthday and we all were all going to be gone, so we celebrated the night before with pizza and soda. After eating our little hearts out and watching a little football, we decided that it was time for use to carve some pumpkins.
I'm not a fan of carving pumpkins, mainly because I'm not very creative. But I love cooking the pumpkin seeds afterward. Missy and I had a brilliant idea, we figured we would share our pumpkin...she would carve one side and I would paint the other side. That way during the day you would see my painted face and at night with the candle you could see hers. Candace and Sarah each got a pumpkin and it was fun to sit around and have a fun night together.As you can see the pumpkins turned out so cute.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Football in the Fall

There is nothing greater than football in the Fall. As everyone knows, I love sports! My favorite channel is ESPN. But nothing says fall to me more than football. I love going to football games and bundling up to stay warm. And even if you have to pay $6 for hot chocolate... it is all worth it because it is part of the experience.

On Monday Sept. 28th my dad and I had the following text message coversation:

dad: what are you doing on Friday?
me: I don't know
d: are there any football games?
m: I don't know
d: BYU/USU???
m: oh that is right
d: if I found tickets...would you like to go?
m: depends on where the seats are ;)

At this point my dad decides that he is done texting and gave me a call. Honestly I'm surprised he lasted that long. Anyways, it turned out that our friend Joy, who has season tickets was unable to go to the game due to the Elk hunt stilling her husband. Not only does Joy and Don have season tickets but their tickets are on the 50 yards line front row!I was torn on who to cheer for. I love USU and wanted them to do secretly in my heart I was cheering for them. But we were surrounded by BYU faithful and I didn't want to get ridiculed when USU got slaughtered. Deep down I was hoping that USU would play well and make it a game. And for the first little while they held their own. But then they became the USU of old and folded.
Well, needless to dad and I had a great time. So Joy...thanks for the made my Fall!