Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lessons Learned From The Olympic Games

I don't know about you, but this past week has taught me a lot...mainly due to the Olympic Games. Who would have thought that you could actually learn something from these games. Here is what I've learned.

1. Don't piss off the Americans.
~ How did I come to this conclusion? Did anyone see the men's 4 x 100 freestyle relay? The French come out and say "We are going to smash the Americans, that is why we are here!" Did he honestly think that we were going to cower under his words? On the other hand...we took what he said and shoved it back in his face! The 4 x 100 freestyle relay was probably the best race I have ever seen! We appeared dead in the water, but give credit to Jason Lezak who appeared to ride the surf of the French team, to pulls us from behind and give us the win. Final time: USA-3.08.24.....France-3.08.32. So next time you want to piss of the Americans, make sure you can back it up!
2. It is all about mental toughness.
~ Let me explain. Last night I was watching the incredible Women's Beach Volleyball team of May-Treanor and Walsh. These ladies are amazing. They are the teams that everyone is picking to win gold...and for good measure. With their win yesterday, their winning streak is now at 105 matches. They haven't lost in 105 matches!!!! That is unbelievable. The games yesterday showed just how tough these ladies are. The Belgium came storming out and put up a pretty good fight. They actually believed that they could beat the Americans. Well I thought they might just do it. The Belgiums held a 20-17 advantage in the first set. All they needed was 1 point to win the set. But the Americans refused to play three sets against this team. This is when their toughness privaled. They came back to win the set 24-22! I couldn't believe it. After throwing away the first set, the Belgiums lost all confidence (again it's all about mental toughness). The Americans wons the 2nd set 21-10, it it took all of 15 minutes. 3. It's not over til the fat lady sings.
~ Ok, I'll be honest...I thought Phelps had lost the 100 butterfly. I counted him down and out. I thought "there goes his goal". But as the saying ain't over till the fat lady sings. Until they posted the score, I still didn't think that Phelps had won. I can't believe it! Five of his gold medals came quiet easily (four with new world records), one gold came on the back of his teammate (see lesson 1), but the seventh one came a little harder. Going into the race I thought he would have no problem. But with time running out, it looked like out Champion had run out as well. But instead of coasting to the finish (which is the wisest thing to do) he took a leap (literally) and it got him the gold.
4. 16 year old Americans are a lot more developed then 16 year old Chinese.
~ I am sure everyone has seen the photos and has developed their own conclusions. But I must say, that the Chinese don't appear to be 16. It must be something in the water here, that makes our youth sprout up and develop. I don't care what you say about training at a young age and what not...but nothing can stunt the development that much. Honestly, some of their gymnasts look no more developed than my little sister...and she is 12! I know their passports (which are government issued) say they are 16 but come on, there is no way. Like I must be something in the water.

26...can it be?

Yep that is right...I've lived to see another birthday. As many of you know I have hit the big 2...6...! Actually, is 26 that big? I don't think it is any bigger than 25, nothing really special happens when you are 26. I mean honestly, at 16 you can drive...18 you are an adult...21 you can drink...25 you are a quarter of a basically 26 is just another year.

The other day at work my boss asked me if I had any questions he could answer while he was in the office...I told him "well according to the song...I'm another year older and wiser too" so I shouldn't have any".

So here is to another year. Hope 26 is just as great as the previous 25 have been.