Sunday, August 12, 2012

#2 Run Ragnar 2012

As most of you know, I am not a runner.  I run occasionally to stay in shape, but that doesn't make me a runner.  But for some reason I make myself believe that I am a runner and I continue to sign up for races.  Last year I was convinced to run Ragnar 2011 after I got done with it I thought "never again!".  But some how I was convinced to sign up and run in Ragnar 2012.  While I was training for it this time around, I told myself that this would be the last year.  I'm just not cut out for all this running business.  However, Ragnar 2012 was so much fun!  Here are some pictures to prove my point.

This is a picture of my van.  If you don't know what Ragnar is go here to learn more.  The six of us got really close over the next 24 hours as we jammed to music, cheered each other one and slept as little as possible. 

Here is Thomas showing off his Ragnar tat.  His wife better keep an eye on him because he loved it...he might come home with a permanent one. 

Every team has to provide 3 volunteers to help out during the race.  My dad offered to be one of our team volunteers and loved every moment of it.  He was luck to choose his location and happened to pick the spot where Thomas would be running by.  So we were able to chat with my dad while we waited for our runner to come.  As you know my dad is a people person so doing crowd control was right up his alley.

Here is a closing picture of our team.  So picture this...12 runners, 2 vans, 36 legs, 2 days, 197 wonder we all look fabulous :).

So the real question is why I am crazy enough to do this next year...I am not sure.  I guess the thing to ask is...who wants to join the craziness for Ragnar Wasatchback 2013?