Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ladies Night

It turns out that a father of one of my primary kids workable at Impact Guns in Ogden. He told my dad that Tuesday nights are Ladies Night and therefore ladies shoot for free. For the past little while I've wanted to get to a shooting range and work on my aim...now here was my chance.

Last Tuesday my dad and I headed over to see what we thought. It had been a while since I last shot, but I didn't do too bad.  I was able to use the ammo that my brother had made for me.

My mom's side of the family always has a shooting competition during our family reunion. Last year I won the ladies division (due to default...I was the only girl shooting). I file myself I would practice and win it for reals this summer. Now with Impact Guns so close and Ladies Night on Tuesday's, I just might get better.

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Reese said...

We need to fix your grip. All-in-all, good shootin' sis!